The Muny belongs to the people of this great city.

First of its kind, The Muny began based on the civic idea that shared experiences bring us together and make us a stronger community. Under the stars since 1919, we remain inspired, transformed and united in this great tradition. With this ever-changing landscape of entertainment and the proliferation of television and technology, that idea of a shared singular experience has turned into an enduring legacy, a family tradition, and is embedded in the fabric of St. Louis’ identity.

Construction Update

The light bridge, stage, and surrounding structures will be replaced. The new stage design will also provide additional protection for the orchestra and their instruments. New lighting and improved audio and video will bring more vibrant imagery to productions.

“For anyone depressed about the future of the arts in America, I suggest a trip to The Muny in St. Louis. Sitting amongst many thousands of people at The Muny, watching a performance reminds us that the arts truly are one of the last bastions of social activity.”

– Michael Kaiser, Huffington Post

For a hundred years St. Louisans have enjoyed their first experiences with musical theatre at The Muny, beginning their own summertime tradition to be shared with generations of family and new lifelong friends. And they have come to expect the best.

We embark on this Second Century Campaign with the ultimate goal of making sure that The Muny continues its tradition of unparalleled excellence and that it will, forever, be the place where St. Louis comes together.

– Denny Reagan, The Muny President & CEO

At the moment of our extraordinary anniversary, we honor our celebrated past by taking the vital steps to ensure The Muny remains “Alone in Its Greatness.”

With your help, The Muny will continue to be a true national treasure, a powerful testament to the soul of St. Louis, and a gift to our citizens for the next 100 years, the women, men and children who will cherish this big, bold, beautiful theatre.

– Mike Isaacson, The Muny Artistic Director & Executive Producer

Thank you for your interest in The Muny’s Second Century Campaign. We will be updating this website with fresh content on an ongoing basis.

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