Create Onstage Magic

New east and west towers completed in 2018 support the new Light Bridge and include a new house management office and control rooms for our crew and staff. The Artists Building will receive a complete renovation. Reconfiguring and upgrading this “beehive” of set creation and show production will provide Muny technical crews with adequate and efficient workspaces and modern facilities.

The renovations will give the 750-800 backstage artists, craftsmen and laborers who call the Muny their summer home a modern-day workspace. They will be able to focus their efforts on creating the shows and not making an out-of-date space meet their needs today. These new, beautiful more efficient spaces will inspire and inform what we will see on stage.


The new East and West Towers of the stage serve both onstage and backstage functions. Besides providing structural support for the new Light Bridge, the East Tower includes a new house management office and the Oak Room. The Oak Room is used for VIP and donor cultivation events and is just below the precise location where our beloved oak tree grew on stage for a century. The West Tower includes new Men’s and Women’s Orchestra Rooms, and new sound, electric, and prop rooms. The Towers also include 24 blowers housing 140 directional vents to help evenly distribute a breeze throughout the theatre.


Key improvements include suitable dressing room facilities which can be reconfigured based on the cast for each show. The costume shop is in the lower level of the Artists Building, with dressing rooms and the wig shop on the second floor. The renovated building will have everything in one space, with an efficient flow from the costume shop to the laundry room to the dressing room, and from the wig room to hair and makeup departments. In an adjacent space, the sound team can put microphones on the performers. The building will include a dedicated craft and dye room for costume craft which we have never had before.


Crews will have sufficient work space and facilities to support the production of top-quality work. In the plans are scenic and prop shops, a crew locker room, a painting bridge and prop storage. These renovations will provide the backstage artists, craftsmen and laborers a modern-day workspace centered around the demands of today’s productions.

Our thanks to Emerson, the Holekamp Family Foundation, Linda Bardol & Mickey Chervitz, the Family of Andrew N. Baur, the Berges Family Foundation, Don & Nancy A. Ross, Robert Hermann, Robert Hermann, Jr., & Richard Holton, Jr., Ameren, Robert & Carol G. Jones, Marilyn A. Schnuck & Stephanie A. Schnuck and Terry & Sally Schnuck for their generous gifts that help us create onstage magic.