The Muny’s future is vital to the life and spirit of St. Louis. Through outright and deferred gifts to the Second Century Campaign, the Endowment will increase significantly.

Education and Community Outreach

Historically, The Muny has offered educational opportunities through programs like Muny Kids and Muny Teens and our vast internship program.

In recent years, The Muny has launched numerous new education initiatives including Make a Musical (2016) and the Technical Theatre Training Program (2017). These programs bring musical theatre to local middle schools, offer a range of educational opportunities for young performers and provide a unique training and mentorship track for underserved youth. The ability to continue these programs will ensure that the next generation can experience musical theater and acquire the skills for a career in theater, both on and behind the stage.

Artistic Innovation and
Production Enhancement

Stage technology continues to rapidly evolve, and as a result, today’s audiences have a heightened expectation of what their theatre experience will be.

It remains our goal to not just meet these expectations but to exceed them.

Although Muny shows are larger and grander than most, every production is forced to sacrifice some element purely because of cost. While we encourage our creative teams to dream big as they design for The Muny, many options are taken off the table once the budgeting process begins. Bigger “stars”, larger ensembles, pyrotechnics, flying, projections, and other elaborate on-stage effects are all elements that have been eliminated from our shows on a regular basis due to budget constraints.

Facilities Maintenance
and Improvement

Ensuring that the Muny’s facilities are safe, efficient and attractive for our guests, artists and staff requires constant attention and investment.

The Muny’s 11.5 acres include an 11,000 seat auditorium with a state-of-the-art air circulation system; vast in-house production, performance and rehearsal areas; and public spaces and amenities. As with any large operation, fixed asset costs include equipment, repairs and maintenance.

Over the last four years, capital expenditures and annual maintenance costs have increased by 38%. Growth in the endowment will guarantee the safety and beauty of our facilities, and protect the investment of our generous donors.

Operational Sustainability

Unrestricted operating support allows us to recruit and retain the best staff, build our capacity, and address any unforeseen challenges directly and effectively without significantly increasing ticket prices.

In recent years, weather has had a major effect on The Muny, causing show cancellations and a negative impact on our bottom line. From 2005 to 2014 The Muny averaged less than one rainout per year; however, over the past two seasons we have averaged 3.5 per year, representing significant financial losses over that two-year span.

In addition, since 2011 St. Louis has experienced record-breaking heat over multiple summers. Besides weather, other unforeseen conditions including bursting pipes or collapsing sewer lines in our 100-year-old facility threaten our operating budget annually. Unrestricted operating support would also help sustain us through these unexpected circumstances.