A Brighter and Bolder Experience

The majestic new Muny stage includes cutting-edge lighting, sound, automation and technology. These advances will bring our productions to fuller life, take our stagecraft to the unprecedented levels, and engage audiences.

Specifically, we have replaced the stage, light bridge, and surrounding structures, and included multiple stage decks to increase flexibility and allow us to change scenes more efficiently. The new stage design provides additional protection for the orchestra and their instruments. Finally, new lighting and improved audio and video brings more vibrant imagery to our productions.


The stage and aging surrounding structures have been completely replaced with a majestic Art Deco design that feels both classic and contemporary and remains open to the sky and stars. Multiple stage decks and stage floor tracking increase flexibility and enable us to change scenes more quickly and seamlessly.


The Orchestra Pit has moved under the stage but is still visible to the audience. This protects valuable instruments and sound equipment, reduces work for our stage hands and provides a more suitable environment for musicians and technicians.


Dynamic stage lighting, improved audio and engaging video integration and upgrades to the classic scenery booms are just some of the things that are bringing brighter colors, more vibrant imagery and fresh life to each production.